Test Product

Test Product

This is a test product for our online store! This is for our admin use only, and we will be posting saint listings soon!


Saintly Silver has been designing Saint Softies since it's inception in 2007. We are the original Felt Saint Softie. Many hours of work were put in each design with the utmost attention to detail in every step of construction. As time allows, please read our feedback. It is a testament to our quality. We have inspired many copycats and appreciate your loyalty and patronage to the shop by the grace of God, created it all. Your purchases support our faith-filled artists and their families as well as guaranteeing we can continue this apostolate. :)


PLEASE NOTE: The color of felt in this item could differ slightly to moderately from the one pictured. We have changed our felt manufacturer to provide a higher quality felt for our product. Our new felt is a wool blended felt. We are in the process of changing all listings to reflect the new felt colors, however, with over 415 current designs this process will take time. If you are concerned with the felt color change to your product from the one pictured please see the final picture in the item listing. It compares old felt colors to the new colors. The felt colors used in the pictured softie are labeled in double i.e. AA, BB, ABAB, ACAC etc.. Felt labeled with A, B, AB, AC etc. are the new colors. If still unsure, please know we most kindly accept returns of new product within 30 days of purchase.


This listing is for one Saint Softie, with approximate measurements of 4 1/2" Length x 2 1/2" Width. On the back side of the softie is a cloth label with either a prayer or a quote relevant to the Saint. Each Saint Softie is handmade and could have slight variations from the one pictured in this listing.



This item is not currently available for immediate shipment. We ship out ASAP, however at any one time there could be several orders in front of yours. Normal ship time is 3-4 weeks. If you need your item quickly please check out our “QUICK SHIPS”. They ship next business day.

  • About The Shop

    In a world where everything is made by machine and processed in assembly line fashion all for its ability to make more money, and produce items faster with not a lot of attention given to the end quality, or consideration for the human spirit of the individuals that work in these places. We chose to do something better, not focus on how much money we can make, but how many lives we can change. We want something bigger than us, and we want to use our God given talents in a process that rewards not only our team of artists but gives our family of customers a product with high quality craftsmanship as well as Faith inspiration. We may not be the cheapest handmade Saint out there, but we know it’s important to pay our artists the most we can and to use quality materials. We can guarantee that that purchase you made was a vote with your dollar, a vote for something better and something bigger. THANK YOU! Our designs are made with quality materials; wool blended felt and polyfill both made in the USA, embroidery floss from France, and thread made in Germany. Hard to believe but true, each piece of felt is hand cut, no assembly lines here, just a team of caring artists striving for excellence in a caring work environment. Hard to believe but true, we choose to not make decisions off of profits with dollar signs but Spiritual rewards. We pray together, create together and ask for blessings from God for all of you.Saintly Silver has been designing Saint Softies for over 9 years, and the original Saint Softie seller. :)